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Team Work Is Powerful With Podio

Wisdom For Asia team is now using a Corporate Intranet platform called PODIO. Thanks to team at Podio for sponsoring Wisdom For Asia and providing us with this great technology. This intuitive  corporate intranet and collaboration platform will surely bring our team from all over the world together and make us more productive and effective. “We are always looking for a new and innovative technology that makes us effective and empower us to transform communities. We are so thrilled to be on this innovative platform of Podio“, Said Abraham Thomas, Founder and CEO of Wisdom For Asia.  The Podio platform is very simple to use yet powerful. This user friendly platform can help any organization to bring all the team together to complete a project. This platform is designed to have the users in mind. We are so excited to have access to “how to ” videos and training materials to learn the system. You can learn lot about what this system can do here.

The podio system is powered by an array of intuitive apps. These apps can transform the way you work and enable you to be very effective. Wisdom for Asia will be using this platform for mainly project management. “I was always looking for a project management system like Podio. Now, we have it. This makes my work life so much better and gives me control over all the projects that I need to bring to completion. Now, I can collaborate with my colleagues in one place without sending too many emails and text messages.” said Marily Scaria, Creative Communication Director of Wisdom For Asia.  Through Podio Apps, You can manage your staff and volunteers, Manage projects, produce invoices, create a searchable policy database, Legal and finances and every aspect of an organziation.

Thank you Team at the Podio for making this awesome platform and for sponsoring Wisdom For Asia.