Words Of Wisdom

Does anyone really care?

Do you have people in your life who are completely clueless when it comes to understanding you? Do they always act selfish and think that only their feelings matter? It happens in everyone’s life. Even those closest to you can be the ones who can cause the most damage emotionally in your life! But even in those situations, lean on the Lord. He really is the only one who can comfort you in your times of trouble. Many times, no matter what you do to support and lift up others, they are never there to lift you up in your times of need. Sometimes you might feel like you are all alone. We have all felt this way in our lives. You mustn’t lose hope! Although people can disappoint, our Lord never does!!!

In my times of disappointment and despair, I think about the Lord. I think about how I have probably made Him feel that way, when I do not pursue Him as I should. But regardless, in my times of sadness, when I think of Him, joy fills my heart, because I think of His goodness in my life. He has brought me through situation after situation, when the whole world turns their back….He remains steady, firm, and ready to accept me as I am.

So today, do not give up because you feel alone. God does not respond to your pain, but He responds to your pursuit of Him. Take time to sit in His presence and reach for Him….I know He will respond to you when you reach.