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Hukkumpeta Water Well Project

Our THIRD water well is located in a heavily populated tribal villages called Hukkumpeta. It is approximately 165 Kilometers from Vizag City. The Largest farmers market is located in this area. Our water well strategically positioned to provide clean drinking water for thousands of people. The people who live in the one mile radius of this water well used to walk minimum of 6 kilometers to get drinking water. Mr. Solomon allowed us to drill this public water well in front of his campus and will do the future maintenance.

Hundreds of villagers gathered for the inauguration of this well, majority of them are women. They are very excited to have this gift. Now they have easy access to good drinking water and use the extra time for the most important things–to take care of their children and family.

This water well is 100 feet deep, furnished with a hand pump and concrete platform. Thanks to The Ferrell Family, Fort Worth Texas for donating this well.

Paderoo Water Well Project


Paderu (Paderoo) is a tribal village located in the north-eastern region of Andhra Pradesh. It is approximately 150 kilometers (2.5 hours by car) from Vizag city.

Clean drinking water is very scarce in this region. People walk minimum 5 kilometers to get water 2 times every day. Majority of the people rely on open source water and they are often infested with malaria and other bacteria. Water often has muddy brown color.

In April 2013, Wisdom For Asia drilled the water well in this place. This is our SECOND Breakthrough Water Well Project in India. This water well was drilled outside the campus wall of a church where public can have easy access to the water. This church will take care of the maintenance of this water well. This water well is 100 feet deep and serves over 1000 people clean drinking water.

Our special thanks to all the members of Forgiven Church providing the water well to this community.

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