Flip-Flops For Children In India...!

Wisdom For Asia Is Providing Flip-Flops & Hygienic Supplies Children In Partnership With Chappal Charity, CA

Flip Flops for Children

WFA Charitable Outreach

It is common to see villagers in India walking without shoes. Due to financial hardships, even flip-flops (sandals) are considered a luxury. Children walk miles on their bare feet. They face dangers like lacerations, fungus, and insect bites that can lead to infection, disease, and even death. Our missionaries have identified hundreds of children and their parents who walk barefoot and are at risk of life threatening diseases. Providing flip flops and educating them about the consequences of not wearing foot wear could often save many lives.

The Center For Disease Control and Prevention states that “In many developing countries, it is also important to ensure feces are disposed of properly, to avoid walking barefoot outdoors, to sleep under an insecticide-treated bednet, and to avoid exposure to water that may be infected with the schistosomiasis parasite.”
This is why Wisdom For Asia has partnered with Chappal Charity–A Non-Profit Organization from California–to provide flip flops and hygienic supplies to many children and educate them about the benefits of using them. We have already helped hundreds of children in India and are now making plans to help more children in the future. We are very happy to be one of the Global Partners of Chappal Charity to bring the love of Christ to hundreds of children in India.