Leadership Development Workshop

A new generation of young leaders is rising up in India. The need for training these leaders in India is tremendous. They must be empowered with knowledge and equipped with the necessary tools to break the power of poverty and lead their community. They understand their culture well and the challenges it presents to their growth. These young leaders are willing and ready to make a difference in their community. They are hungry for information and willing to be trained. They simply need tools, direction, and mentorship.

We are committed to equipping pastors, leaders, teachers, and entrepreneurs with both the Wisdom of God and practical, hands-on training that will allow them to go forward and expand the Kingdom in their local context.

Workshops for Pastors and Missionaries.

We hold workshops for Pastors and missionaries in various locations and in various formats to equip pastors to effectively fulfill the purpose to which they have been called. In these workshops, we deal with issues they encounter in their ministry and strategies to overcome it. Topics covered range from training the mind to personal integrity; from effective worship and study to effective financial stewardship; from excellence in communication to operating with a powerful anointing. Pastors leave these meetings renewed, refreshed, and empowered.

Leadership Development

We also launched a ONE DAY Leadership Development Workshop program for a selected group of christian professionals. Our goal is to develop intentional leaders through these workshops to affect change in their specific areas of work. We help these professionals to be effective witness for Christ in the Market place.  We deal with variety of issues that related to the formation of their leadership.