Leadership Development

Equipping The Leaders To Train New Generation of Leaders

The best way to effect lasting change  the Asian continent is to train up a new generation of leaders.  We are committed to equipping pastors, leaders, teachers, community leaders, and entrepreneurs with both the Wisdom of God and practical, hands-on training that will allow them to go forward and expand the Kingdom of God in their local community.

We believe that an individual’s belief system plays a vital role in their development and function as leaders. Millions of people in Asia are bound or limited by their own belief system. Their greatness and leadership potentials are capped by these beliefs. Many dies without finding their purpose or even get a chance to develop it fully. The belief in Karma and the ignorance about the decision making power of a human became the curse of the people in this region. Our leadership programs are designed to help individuals to discover their purpose and maximize their true potential. We believe that the time tested principles from the Bible are capable of transforming any human being and help them to live the life their creator intended for them.

Currently, we are involved in the following Leadership Development Programs:

  1. Wisdom For Asia Leadership Academy
  2. Leadership Development Workshops
  3. Leadership Conferences for Pastors and lay leaders