Champions of the village

SSince 2008, Wisdom For Asia has been involved in helping children from the slums and villages of India.  We help them to stay in school, provide spiritual guidance and nutritious meal. Our work among the children is called Champions Of The Village–Raising Champions to Transform Tomorrow!

Changing Their Names…You might have watched the movie about the children of India-The Slumdog Millionaire. Without any exaggeration, this movie depicted the life of children in the slums of India. Many people were moved to tears as they sat watching in horror and disbelief. Sadly, this really does happen there! Our missionaries are working in this place daily, trying to transform their lives and empower them.

Changing Their Status… Due to extreme poverty, children are forced into child labor such as collecting plastic and glass bottles from the side of the road and other hard work. Many risk their lives during their work. It is our dream to see these children in school, preparing for their future; to change their society and give hope to the next generation. We refuse to call them “Slumdogs”…We call them CHAMPIONS! They are precious children with great potential. They simply need an opportunity to get out of this vicious cycle of poverty and ignorance.

Changing Their Future… Education, nutritious food, a loving and caring environment are the answers for the dilemma these children are facing. These children need our assistance to have a good future. Wisdom For Asia is committed to helping these children in every way possible through the sacrificial giving of its friends and partners.

We Need Your Help… Together, we can protect their lives and change their future. With $25 a month (80 cents a day), you can help a child to get english medium education, clothes and school supplies. We also welcome a one-time donation in any amount.

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