Wisdom For Asia Water Well Project


SSafe drinking water is linked closely to the well-being of human life. In India, the primary sources of drinking water, that include surface water and groundwater, are contaminated by different physical impurities, agricultural and industrial wastes and underground chemicals and minerals. Water borne diseases are widespread, especially among the low income class of the society. It is a cause of growing concern that many Indians do not have access to safe drinking water.

Our First Project... In June 2012, during a missions trip, Abraham Thomas (our founder)  was deeply moved by a group of women from a village in India, who were carrying water on their head from miles away. Later, he learned that there was no clean drinking water available for 3 villages and they had to walk 6-8 miles to get water. The major victim of this crisis is the children.  In 3 days, we drilled a well, connected the electric motor and helped the 3 villages to have safe drinking water. The joy that we saw in their eyes was remarkable and unforgettable.

More Wells...After our first project in June 2012, we understood the need of providing clean drinking water people in India. So we made this project as our mission. The following years we traveled thousands of miles and visited hundreds of villages to help people. As of 2018 April, we have completed over 133 water wells in some of the remote parts of India. We are planning more wells in the near future.

Each Breakthrough Water Well provides clean drinking water to  people in each village for the next 15+years. With $15 you can give water to 10 people in a village. With your gift of $150 you can help 100 people to have clean drinking water. Remember, clean drinking water changes everything!

Future Projects…There are hundreds of villages in India desperate  need of clean drinking water. We are currently working on raising funds to dig 100 new wells for the most deserving villages in India. Through our partnership with the bore-well company and the local Business man, we can now complete at a very competitive price.  TOGETHER WE CAN TRANSFORM A VILLAGE!

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