Edalavalsa Water Well Project

Edalavalsa Water Well Project

Wisdom For Asia Water Well

Edalavalsa village is located in the Srikakulam district of Andhra Pradesh, India. The residents in this village are primarily belongs to the Scheduled Cast. They are financially very poor and they live in a colony with poor sanitations. People here are very friendly and hard working. They walk almost 2 kilometers every day to get drinking water from a municipal water connection. It is common that water supply will be cut off for days at a time, but when the water comes, the entire village is running to stand in line to get a bucket of water. Sometimes, they stand hours in line to get a bucket of water. So these villagers were suffering a lot due the lack of clean drinking water and spent their precious time traveling, and or waiting in line for drinking water.

Our team also witnessed people cleaning their clothes in a near by open water channel that is contaminated by human and animal waste. They often take bathe in this water as well.

In 2013 September, Wisdom For Asia provided solution to this pressing need of this village with a  Bore-well that is 130 Feet deep in the heart of their village. Now by walking a few steps from their home, they can get clean water. During the inauguration, over 200 villagers gathered and the village officials were so thankful for this special gift. They were near the well all night as the workers were finishing up the well. It was a celebration night indeed.

This water well serves over 1000 people in this village. Our special thanks to  Kingdom Community International, Florida for making this possible.