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A Better You!

A Better You…Your Starting Point!

You are created for movement!
You are created to increase…
You are created to improve…
Stagnation is deadly….

When you stop moving, you stop living.
You Must embrace each day as a GIFT from God and live in that moment!
You are surrounded with opportunities to grow, improve and increase.
Everything you needed for your success is already inside and around you…
Recognition is the KEY to a glorious life….A Better You!

A Better You… is not an overnight experience. It is a life long process.
You must observe, acknowledge and adapt to the standard of excellence every day! Remember yesterday’s excellence is today’s mediocrity.

A Better You...is the collection of small victories.
A Collection of places of Victories you have passed.
An Outcome of your past experience
The Result of how well you handled the very test of life!

A Better You…is a life-style rather than an one time experience.
A Life-style you carefully sculptured through your-
searching,thinking and decision-making. You were forced to eliminate many options to choose one…You let go many relationships in this process….
You embraced many new quality ones in this journey.

A Better You…is a life of Sacrifice and Discipline.
If you want to live every moment by projecting your best, you must be willing to sacrifice,discipline and have self-control. You must set a standard for your life and train your mind,body and soul to achieve that standard. You cannot do everything your friends do. By setting a standard for your life you are saying “No” to many things and “Yes” to a set of new routines,new relationships and new behaviors.

A Better You…is You with a purpose
Your daily activities are guided by this purpose.
Your decisions are controlled by this purpose
Your relationships are defined by this purpose.
A Life without purpose is life without fulfillment!

A Better You…is a gift to another!
So today, make up your mind to be the best!
Take care of your mind, body and spirit.
Stop rushing to get somewhere…but try to get there with dignity and peace!
Take time to take care of you! Give yourself a brake today!

Remember, A Better You …The Starting Point is YOU!!!

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